Volvo V60 plug [Fashionable]5/17/2013 4:47:42 AM
´╗┐Volvo V60 plug Why the car market is still investing in dirty diesels at all is beyond me - and diesel hybrids even more so. What we need for our day-to-day 'green' cars are gas turbine range extenders, combined with a new generation of nuclear power stations to provide the electricity to power them. microturbines are so small, simple and light that they would be much more reliable than any ICE hybrid system, much lighter too, can be fuelled on almost anything. it's a technology that nobody (JLR apart) is investing in and the industry is being incredibly stupid. A turbine/electric XF would wipe the floor with a hybrid 5-series. Instead of this, most carmakers are going for more heavy, dirty, polluting, particulate-pumping diesel engines, some in conjunction with electric hybrid systems. Even the new Routemaster range extender bus has a diesel engine. WHY?! Ask yourself this, why does a so called 'Green' vehicle have such a large diesel engine? Surely it makes more sense to use a smaller 1.4 or 1.6 litre unit with just one powertrain setting that automatically distributes the workload between the two motors. Ok, performance might suffer a little but the benefits to the owner would be immense. We're probably going to be looking at over 150mpg if it's implemented well. Or even better, design the system to run on Petrol/LPG and in a similar fashion to the way Diesel/Electric locomotives function, so that the tractive force is supplied solely by the electric motors, effectively relegating the ICE to function as a generator. Used in this manner and fueled with LPG, this car would have the potential to be a record breaker.